Thursday, August 30, 2007

Showboat Poker Tournament Sat. 9/8/07

Showboat in Atlantic City has announced a Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament to be Held on Saturday, September 9, 2007. It is a $20,000 guaranteed tournament. The buy-in is $225.

For $225 they need 89 people to make the tournament. It does not sound like they are risking much, but it does sound like they want to make a splash a big tournament location in AC. Oh, I missed that 1st place alone gets $20K, not the total pot.


Hosted by Alicia Lee, Philly's Hottest Sports Calendar Pinup and Poker Player. Saturday, September 15 starting at 11 a.m. First Place wins $20,000- Guaranteed! Tournament is in the New Orleans Ballroom and tournament play begins at 11 a.m. Register at the Showboat Poker Room now to September 14. You won't want to miss this tournament, and seats are limited.

Buy-in is $225+$25
Start with a $10,000 chip stack
Blinds start at 25/50

From what I have seen posted, you must register by the day before the tournament. I called the poker room (609-343-4686) and asked about this and Kellie said she had been getting a lot of this question and yes, you can register the day of the tournament, but it is limited to 423 players by fire code regulations.

General information on poker at Showboat, Harrah's. Caesers, and Ballys can be found at

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Name for Bodog has gone off the air. The site has been replaced by as part of a domain name dispute.

It seems that Bodog was sued for patent infringement related to its software. Apparently Bodog did not respond to the lawsuit and 1st Technology LLC was awarded a default judgement that allowed them to take possession of the Bodog domain names.

Bodog claims it is business as usual and they are fighting to get their original domain names back.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Absolute Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot Approaches $700,000

The recently announced bad beat jackpot at Absolute poker keeps growing back every time it gets taken down by someone.

The online poker tables at Absolute Poker are filling up faster than ever after the popular online poker site reported that their current Bad Beat Jackpot is quickly approaching $700,000.

By 9am ET on Monday, the jackpot of Absolute Poker’s popular Bad Beat Jackpot Texas Hold'em game had reached $667,000. With $0.50 collected from each qualifying hand at designated Bad Beat Jackpot tables, that number is growing by an average of $2,000 per hour.

The larger-than-life jackpot eclipses Absolute Poker’s own record of $464,652.03. What’s more, the Absolute jackpot is nearly twice as big as Party Poker’s (a site not open to US players).

The next player to lose a hand holding four 8s or anything better will win a large piece of the jackpot. The participants in the bad beat hand will also share in the jackpot.

Full details can be found at Absolute Poker.