Monday, May 28, 2007

MyBorgata Website Registration

How do I register on the MyBorgata website? Wht does the website say my card number birthdate combination is incorrect?

After my first visit to the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, I tried several times to register on the website. My registration failed every time. I asked at the My Borgata desk, but they said they had no infomration about the website. I called customer support a couple of weeks later and it turns out that if you enter the id number from you Red Label card it will not work. You have to enter your number, but leave off the leading zeros.

Since I only play poker I only had seven dollars of comps, one dollar for each hour I had played $1/$2 no limt poker. The iste said I needed 1,000 more points to get a Black Label card. But I have seven points. Why don't I need 993 points? Why do I still need 1,000 points when I already have seven points?

For that question I got the answer from a Casino Host. Yes, I do get one point for every hour I play poker. While it is displyed on the website as comp dollars, it is not subtracted from my points needed to get the Black Label card. At least not on the web site. If I were to actually qualify for the Black Label card then a human woudl manually resolve the point problem.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Showboat throwing away Rewards points

According to Carolyn George who was running the poker room at Showboat, she threw away my comp points I earned that day because I went to the bathroom. In general I want points because this is how the casino rates me and why Harrah's gave me six free room nights each month for the last two months.

I drove up to Showboat on Tuesday morning and started playing $1/$2 no limit at 10:20 in the morning. I'm trying to learn how the points work so as Carolyn clocked me into the poker room I asked some questions about the points. Then shortly after the 11:00 tournament started I moved to the other side of the room to play there.

Apparently I can't win 1st place in every tournament and I busted out after about an hour and a half. So I went back to the desk and asked for a no limit table. At this point Carolyn, perhaps with a gleem in her eye, or perhaps with a bit of anger in her voice told me that I would have to clock in again because she had thrown out my card and because of that I had not received any points. She went on to tell me that she did this because I had left the poker room. She seemd a bit pleased with herself and at the same time angry with me as she told me that I had lost my points for the day.

Well, I did leave the poker room but only to go to the men's room and I came back so quickly that I didn't even miss the next hand that was dealt in the tournament.

This was a surprise to me. I was told I was supposed to have clocked out. Since she had disposed of my points only about an hour ago, I asked her if we could resolve the problem. She said no way, it was not possible. My points were lost forever.

I left the casino and went to the Tropicana to play.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Atlantic City Poker Wins

I've decided to start playing in casinos in Atlantic City. I've just finished my third week of trips to AC to play in Texas Hold'em poker tournaments. The first week I won the 1st place at Showboat in the Friday lunch tournament, for $1,600. The second week I won $3,060.00 for first place in the Harrah's Friday night tournament. The buy-ins were about $65 - $100 each.

The third week I did not win, but I did get quad Aces in one of the hands. I am trying to stick with the Harrah's family of casinos for now, but I did go over to the Borgata and won about $300 in six hours of $1/$2 no limit.