Friday, March 02, 2007

Cashout Problems at Doyle's Room

Admittedly, I do think Doyle's Room is doing the best they can do. But that does not mean I am getting my money.

I'm an affiliate and I took a partial cashout shortly after they withdrew from the US market. According to their records, the funds were withdrawn from my account on 2/22/07. A week later, on 3/1/07 I recieved an email that no check had been sent and they wanted my ACH information. Well, I prefer ACH over cashier's check, so that is fine with me.

I sent the information in to them and got a reply back that I cannot have a partial cashout, but must withdraw everything or they will send my money to Full Tilt. This sound increadibly unreasonable on several fronts, including that I don't have an dealings with Full Tilt or have any sort of account with them.

After some email discussion they decided they might be able to send me my money. But they said that I need to talk to the affiliate department and run it by them.

Since they are in the process of cashing out tens of thousands of US players and I'm in the front I can't blame them for not knowing fully how they are going to handle this. But we will see what happens.