Friday, March 02, 2007

Cashout Problems at Doyle's Room

Admittedly, I do think Doyle's Room is doing the best they can do. But that does not mean I am getting my money.

I'm an affiliate and I took a partial cashout shortly after they withdrew from the US market. According to their records, the funds were withdrawn from my account on 2/22/07. A week later, on 3/1/07 I recieved an email that no check had been sent and they wanted my ACH information. Well, I prefer ACH over cashier's check, so that is fine with me.

I sent the information in to them and got a reply back that I cannot have a partial cashout, but must withdraw everything or they will send my money to Full Tilt. This sound increadibly unreasonable on several fronts, including that I don't have an dealings with Full Tilt or have any sort of account with them.

After some email discussion they decided they might be able to send me my money. But they said that I need to talk to the affiliate department and run it by them.

Since they are in the process of cashing out tens of thousands of US players and I'm in the front I can't blame them for not knowing fully how they are going to handle this. But we will see what happens.


Big Jim Slade said...

I ultimately got paid by Doyle's Room. Along the way I was told about four times that the money would be in my hands on a certain date.

Problems that were told to me include that my checking account number was more than 12 digits. I checked, and all of my accounts are 13 digits. They told me that their processor paid a large number of people, the first half of people, and did nto pay the second half. They twice told me the payment to my account was rejected.

But after a few more weeks, they finally paid me. Considering they had to pay a LOT of players - all of the US players, it wasn't so bad.

Madd Scientist said...

i requested a check in march… got one in june, it bounced… call and email all the time since, and just get the same bs lies… they say they sent check when they didn’t, lies after lies after lies… and every lie comes with “just wait 2 weeks” and every 2 weeks i get “no… i meant 2 weeks from NOW” and more lies about they already sent it or issued it or proocessed it.

i won the “doyles bounty” tourney so i’m trying to cash over $1k

i email everyone constantly in customer service and all they do is lie and ignore me. it is disgraceful. is a complete scam. WHAT A JOKE.

i’m sad to say it, but i’m 100% convinced doyle brunson is a thief, and he has stolen money from me. i have zero respect for him, and if i see him, i’ll be demanding he make things right.

Madd Scientist said...
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Madd Scientist said...
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Madd Scientist said...

doyles latest blog can be found here budapest

card player shut off my account for accusing one of their advertisers of stealing from me. stole from me.... go there and let everyone know you won't stand for it.

Madd Scientist said...

check out this email from cardplayer:
from User Support
to ME
date Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 11:08 AM
subject RE: Harassment and Threats

In order to ensure that your comments are taken seriously when you post on every message board complaining about us censoring you for making personal threats against other users, please remember to type in all caps and use the word “Nazi” as often as possible.

very cute, no?

i was told on thursday that a check would be sent overnight. it wasn't. they claim upper management is the delay. i asked to speak with upper management and they said that they didn't have phones. i asked if they were lying to me and they wouldn't say no. they kept saying "sir, i will...." i would cut them off, "ARE YOU LYING TO ME, YES OR NO, VERY SIMPLE... SAVE US BOTH TIME. YES OR NO, ARE YOU LYING TO ME?" and they respond "sir, i will..." about 20 times. i have the tapes of the call.

i talked to victor and ricky g. they sounded like the same person.

let me know any details you guys need that you would see as proof. i have LOADS of emails... all claiming payment was sent and i'll receive it by a certain date, but i never do.