Monday, May 28, 2007

MyBorgata Website Registration

How do I register on the MyBorgata website? Wht does the website say my card number birthdate combination is incorrect?

After my first visit to the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, I tried several times to register on the website. My registration failed every time. I asked at the My Borgata desk, but they said they had no infomration about the website. I called customer support a couple of weeks later and it turns out that if you enter the id number from you Red Label card it will not work. You have to enter your number, but leave off the leading zeros.

Since I only play poker I only had seven dollars of comps, one dollar for each hour I had played $1/$2 no limt poker. The iste said I needed 1,000 more points to get a Black Label card. But I have seven points. Why don't I need 993 points? Why do I still need 1,000 points when I already have seven points?

For that question I got the answer from a Casino Host. Yes, I do get one point for every hour I play poker. While it is displyed on the website as comp dollars, it is not subtracted from my points needed to get the Black Label card. At least not on the web site. If I were to actually qualify for the Black Label card then a human woudl manually resolve the point problem.

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