Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Showboat throwing away Rewards points

According to Carolyn George who was running the poker room at Showboat, she threw away my comp points I earned that day because I went to the bathroom. In general I want points because this is how the casino rates me and why Harrah's gave me six free room nights each month for the last two months.

I drove up to Showboat on Tuesday morning and started playing $1/$2 no limit at 10:20 in the morning. I'm trying to learn how the points work so as Carolyn clocked me into the poker room I asked some questions about the points. Then shortly after the 11:00 tournament started I moved to the other side of the room to play there.

Apparently I can't win 1st place in every tournament and I busted out after about an hour and a half. So I went back to the desk and asked for a no limit table. At this point Carolyn, perhaps with a gleem in her eye, or perhaps with a bit of anger in her voice told me that I would have to clock in again because she had thrown out my card and because of that I had not received any points. She went on to tell me that she did this because I had left the poker room. She seemd a bit pleased with herself and at the same time angry with me as she told me that I had lost my points for the day.

Well, I did leave the poker room but only to go to the men's room and I came back so quickly that I didn't even miss the next hand that was dealt in the tournament.

This was a surprise to me. I was told I was supposed to have clocked out. Since she had disposed of my points only about an hour ago, I asked her if we could resolve the problem. She said no way, it was not possible. My points were lost forever.

I left the casino and went to the Tropicana to play.

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