Thursday, September 13, 2007

Clocking in and out

Each Casino has a method for keeping track of comps. I've only worked out the details for a few of them. But here is some information that might be of interest.

At Harrah's and Showboat they require you to clock in and clock out at the front desk. If you do not clock out then they throw away your comp points. If you clock in in the morning and clock out at night then if you play in a tournament in the middle you risk having all your points thrown out if there is only one table of players remaining because of the tournament and it breaks down due to lack of players. If they run out of players they sometimes throw out all the cards they track points on.

The Tropicana handles tracking for you by scanning each person's poker club card each hour. As long as your card is at the table, whether you are or not, you will get credit for comp points. At the Trop, poker comp points are on a different computer system than the Diamond card points for the slot machines. (Comps on table gains like blackjack are actually done by a third system and at the discretion of the pit boss)

At Caesars while they ask you to clock in and clock out, they apparently go to each table and collect cards ever three or four hours and rescan all the cards because the clock everyone out automatically. So apparently you can pick up an extra hour or two here and there by not clocking out.

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