Friday, April 07, 2006

Hand Winner Annoyance

When Playing Doyle's Room, the chat window, strangely called "Options" in the title bar, often confuses me. More accurately, it irritates me. For instance, I just lost the last hand that I had bet heavily on. I had three Jacks. I missed the cards the other player had, but the chat window tells me

[other player] wins 4,060 with 3 of a Kind: Jacks

But I had jacks. Why didn't I win? I had a jack in my hand and two on the board. I had three jacks. And I didn't see a jack in his hand when he turned over his card. If the software is working correctly, I can only assume his kicker was higher than mine. It would be nice if the game would tell me what was actually going on rather than a confusing irritating message like it does.

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