Monday, April 10, 2006

Show Avatars Hide Avatars

There is this wonderful selection on the options menu that is called "Show Avatars". This gives you the ability to show the avatars, or if you prefer to save screen space and not show the avatars.

Unfortunately when the avatars go away, the screen space is not reclaimed. In other words, the feature only controls whether or not you see the pretty colors. Where did this requirement come from? I can't imagine that there is any user who has ever said, you know, what would be really desirable would be if I did not have to look at the attractive avatars people use to personalize their player.

Instead it would be nice if the ability to hide avatars allowed the table to become smaller to give me back more of my screen. I do have a larger screen that most, but the table takes up exactly on half of my screen space. Please let me have my monitor back.

I'm sure the graphics designer thinks his screen is wonderful, and I'm sorry for him. But if you can take the avatars out, then do something useful and make better use of the screen space. Make the table smaller.

Or, here's an idea. Without the avatars you might have room to put in the radio buttons and command buttons and other betting dialog widgets that don't currently fit on the screen. What ever you do, please do something that makes sense.

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