Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Losing Focus While Betting Annoyance

When playing in Doyle's Room I like using the shortcut keys. No Mouse. The concept is a simple one. I press the function keys to perform my bets. This is a feature of the client software.

F1 - Check/Fold or Fold (it morphs)
F2 - Check
F3 - Bet
F4 - Call

The default is mouse only, but you can enable hotkeys in the options menu.

The problem comes in that if you do not have window focus in the client, then you cannot use your keyboard to control the game. Annoyingly, the client software continually pops up dialog boxes (look alikes, they are not actual Windows common dialog boxes) giving you all sort of very important you must know information. I've seen this happen as often as eight times in the same hand.

Sometimes it is actually relevant, such as informing me that a tournament I'm registered in starts in five minutes. Well, to be honest, it doesn't actually let me know I am registered, it just pops up the message. So I get the notice on a lot of tournaments I am not registered for as well. In fact I seem to get the notice on tournaments that I am not registered for and are full, so I could not register if I wanted to. But after all, why play when I can watch a tournament I'm not in?

The point is my hotkeys no longer work and a significant portion of the table is obscured by these idiot messages. Several items I've come close to losing my turn because the client software won't let me access the game.

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