Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tournament Reminders

As I peruse the list of tables in the multiple table tournaments at Doyle's Room, I find that I want a feature that does not exist. (Whoops! The list is gone. It just minimized itself so it can hide from me - that is really irritating.)

There is already a "My Tourneys" feature that will list the tournaments I have registered for. What I would like to see is a list of the tournaments I have an interest in, but have not yet chosen to register for. I'd like a "watch list" of tournaments.

For instance, there may be a tournament I have an interest in that starts in three hours. But I don't know if I will stay up that late, or maybe I might be about to go out to dinner and don't know if I will be back or not. On any given day I can find several of these potential tournaments, but I don't want to register for them unless I know I actually will be able to play.

I may find a tournament I like when I am online at 7:00am, but I'm not going to remember it at 10PM. I'm wasting a lot of time looking for tournaments that are the type I like. And I look for the same tournament again and again. I honestly have never tried it, but I assume if I register for it in the morning, then can't make it they don't give the money back to my account.

I'd like a watch list I can add tournaments to, then decide later if I want to play in them or not.

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