Sunday, April 02, 2006

Window Minimization Annoyance

The Doyle's Room client is obviously smarter than I am. On the one hand, I think I want to have the window open so I can see it. The software agrees with me, but only to a certain point. It knows better than me that I really don't want to have it open and usable.

Apparently the software has a timer built into it and the "lobby" will minimize itself after a certain period, even if you are looking at it. If you are not looking at it and have something else on top, you still get this "flash" as it minimizes and zooms to nothingness. The effect is similar to the sky falling and makes you want to run and hide for cover.

So I keep restoring the screen several times per day in order to use the software. I've never seen a piece of software with this behavior - it auto minimizes itself throughout the day. Of all the insanities the programmers of this program came up with, this is the one that confuses me the most. What were they thinking? What requirement are they trying to satisfy? Why did they program behavior that does not exist in any other piece of software on the planet?

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